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Rural Appalachian Cancer Demonstration Program
Office of Rural and Community Health and Community Partnerships


RACDP Projects:

1) Program Overview: Using Community Based Participatory Research to Explore Cancer Disparities in     Appalachia
      Bruce Behringer and Amber Phillips, ETSU

2) Development of an Interactive Regional Cancer Statistics Website-Kentucky Cancer Registry
      Eric Durbin, University of Kentucky

3) Study of Environmental Factors Related to Cancer
      Phil Scheuerman, Kurt Maier, Rachel Gilmour, Carolyn Sue Doyle, ETSU Department of Environmental Health Sciences

4) Study of Appalachian Cervical Cancer Morality
      Debora Geary, RACDP Program Director

5) Exploring Breast Cancer Patterns of Care in Central Appalachia
      Deborah Geary, RACDP Program Director

6) Screening History of Breast Cancer Patients
      Kate McNeill, ETSU Department of Communication

7) Community Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs
      Rene Shell, Deborah Geary, Koyamangalath Krishnan and Bruce Behringer - ETSU, Sue Cantrell - Virginia Dept. of Health,       Gilbert Friedell - UK

8) Continuing Education- The Cancer Message
      Bruce Behringer and Debora Geary, RACDP

9) Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors Project
      Kelly Dorgan, ETSU Department of Communication

10) Primary Care Project
      Kathleen Rayman and Joellen Edwards, ETSU College of Nursing

11) Disparities Communication
      N*Tara and Evergrow, Kingsport, TN

12) Comparison of Resources and Community Beliefs in High and Low Cervical Cancer Mortality       Counties
      Emily Cantrell, Shannon Hansen, and Kelly McGuire

13) Documenting Regional Data Based Disparities
      Deborah Brown-Gregg

14) Analysis of Mortality Patterns in Appalachia Project
      Debora Geary, RACDP with Joel Halverson, WVU

15) Enhancing Provider Communication on Breast Cancer Screening
      Kelly Dorgan, ETSU Dept. of Communication

16) Testing Patient Effect on Physician Screening Recommendation
      Fred Tudiver, Center for Primary Care Research

17) Understanding Cultural Influences of the Experience with Cancer
      Deborah Geary and Safiya Johnson, RACDP

18) Disparities Education Dissemination Activities
      Bruce Behringer, Deborah Geary and Charles Naney, RACDP

19) Community Cancer Research Review Work Groups
      Kelly Dorgan, Dept. of Communication and Sadie Hutson, College of Nursing

20) Presentations