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The McNair Program is honored to count over 100 current and former ETSU faculty members as McNair mentors!  The centerpiece of the McNair program experience is the relationship that is developed between the intern and their faculty mentor.  Mentors are being sought on a continual basis and all disciplines are encouraged to apply for a mentorship.

 Benefits of Mentorship 

                   Up to $1000 (per intern) may be used to purchase items that will enhance your teaching and/or research or used for business travel.

                    The receipt of additional assistance with your current projects

                    Credit toward the “service” component

                    Access to additional resources and support personnel

 Responsibilities of Mentors 

                    Meet regularly with your intern(s) and provide guided assistance with the research project. (September-April)

                    Review the intern(s) paper and presentation materials

                    Provide career and academic advisement as appropriate

                    Assist in the development of characteristics that will enhance the intern’s success in advanced study.

We understand that faculty member's time is limited therefore mentors are strongly supported by the program.  Required paperwork is kept to a minimum and McNair staff supplements your involvement with the intern. 

If you are interested in submitting a project proposal for consideration please complete the project  form (PDF. format) and send it to Assistant Director, Michelle Hoard

If you are already mentoring and need to complete a mentor report online click here.


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