Darwin Day


The ETSU Natural History Museum is holding its annual Darwin Day celebration Saturday, February 8th. General admission will be FREE for all visitors.

Darwin Day includes several lectures as well as activities for children. Darwin Day is an international celebration of science that occurs around February 12th, which is the birthday of Charles Darwin, who was born in in 1809. The mission of Darwin Day is to celebrate the scientific accomplishment of Darwin and his description of evolution through natural selection as well as to explain the far-reaching impact of evolutionary science.

The ETSU Natural History Museum Darwin Day is dedicated to providing the public with scientific information based on empirical evidence regarding evolution and other topics in a thought-provoking and informal setting.

The schedule for Darwin Day will include a presentation about the evolution of creationism by Dr. Joseph Baker, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, ETSU. There will also be a panel discussion about evolution. Rev. John Shuck of Religion for Life on WETS 89.5 and First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton and Rev. Jacqueline Luck of Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church will join Dr. Blaine Schubert, paleontologist and museum director to discuss evolution topics.

Activities for all ages will be held throughout the day, which includes lessons on the following topics, human evolution and why humans are primates, how natural selection works, and understanding geologic time and evidence from the fossil record.

Details will be released in January. Check back soon!

For more information, call the ETSU Natural History Museum at (423) 439-3659 or email