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Vision, Mission, & Goals


To be the best College of Nursing in the state and region, nationally recognized in improving health through the innovation and integration of teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, service, and practice.


The mission of the College of Nursing is to facilitate the health of the community through excellence and innovation in nursing education, research, scholarship, creative activity, service, and practice.


  • Provide highest quality nursing education programs.

  • Provide BSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD graduates to address nursing workforce needs.

  • Provide culturally diverse and international opportunities for students and faculty.

  • Engage in faculty, staff, and/or student research and scholarly activities that improve health and advance nursing knowledge.

  • Deliver innovative health care in partnership with communities.

  • Influence systems and policies, through professional leadership and collaboration, to improve individual and community health.

  • Engage in interprofessional education, research, service, scholarship, and health care delivery.


We Value:

  • Professional interactions that demonstrate caring, respect, and compassion for others

  • Diversity and inclusivity, embracing the full scope of human cultures, ethnicities, and identities

  • Excellence in fulfilling the work of the college through collaboration and cooperation

  • The nursing profession’s global contributions to social justice and to the holistic health of individuals, families and communities

  • Stewardship and accountability in the use of resources

  • Innovative leadership modeled through effective shared governance principles

Approved by Faculty Council May 12, 2015


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