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Sample Scripts for Telling Stories About Cancer

These scripts and poems were developed as part of the Project by the Burke County North Carolina Blue Ridge Health Care Cancer Center, the FIVCO Kentucky Cancer Program, and the West Virginia Cancer Education Project, Webster Springs, WV. Many thanks are due to the dedicated volunteers who breathed life into their very personal and inspiring stories. These stories may also be performed in "reader's theatre" style.

Sample Scripts

Hope's Cafe: 

This play was produced by the Webster County, West Virginia Cancer Education Project. In this frank discussion on cancer between cancer survivors and their friends in a small town cafe' in West Virginia, we learn, "Cancer can change things and not just the person with cancer."

Article iconRead: Hope's Café


The Beauty Shop: 

This play, for cancer survivors and their communities was produced by the Webster County, West Virginia Cancer Education Project. In this play, we hear two conversations about the cancer experience at a small town beauty shop and barber shop. Accessibility, diagnosis, treatment plans, and recovery are topics discussed by the characters. In the end, we learn discover that sometimes a negative situation can become a blessing in disguise.

Article iconRead: The Beauty Shop


The Journey: Survivors Park Stories: 

This play, for cancer survivors and their communities was produced by the Webster County, West Virginia Cancer Education Project. In this play, we are transported to a cancer survivor's park, which provides a place of respite and rejuvenation for those fighting cancer and for cancer survivors. This piece is very insightful and as we meander through the park we are guided through the cancer patient's journey and experience.

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Voices of Light: 

A Story of Hope, Humor, Gratitude, Joy, Service and Never Ending Faith written by Susan Fetner. "Voices of Light was created using the Roadside Theatre's story circle of methodology. The oral tradition is one of the most powerful and effective transmitters of culture in the history of humankind. A story circle is a group of people sitting in a circle telling a remembrance led by a facilitator. Each Story Circle is different according to its purpose and according to the individuals who share the story. This story came from cancer survivors in Morganton, a small town nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina."

Article iconRead: Voices of Light


The Gift of Life: 

The following came from stories gathered in five counties in northeastern Kentucky from people willing, sometimes even eager, to share their experiences with colonoscopy screenings. The overwhelming message they carried was for the rest of us to follow their example, overcoming whatever our personal obstacles may be, and find the peace of mind in knowing we have taken a giant step towards ensuring better health and a longer life.

Article iconRead: The Gift of Life


A Miraculous Healing: 

Written by: Molly Maynard
Adapted from the Kentucky Cancer Program's FIVCO Story Circles. This script takes a unique approach to define how cancer develops, explores the importance of colonoscopy screenings, and how hope and the will to live can lead to a miraculous healing.

Article iconRead: A Miraculous Healing


Poems & Songs

Poems by Rondal F. Cline 

In his poems; "The Demon", "The Caregiver", and "Relay for Life", Rondal Cline uses the power of prose to express his battle with the "demon" of cancer, the benefits and blessings of the caregiver in the healing process, and heartfelt appreciation for those that walk for a cure.

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Overcome (Originial Lyrics): 

This lyrical approach takes us through a cancer patient's experience of the discovery of their disease and new found appreciation of life. For the time we have has always been limited and we need to take more time to focus on living it well.

Article iconRead: Overcome (Original lyrics)


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