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Celebrating 60 Years of Healing & Caring: Then, Now, and Tomorrow

Celebrating 60 Years of Healing & Caring

60th Anniversary logoFor 60 years, East Tennessee State University's College of Nursing has been committed to our vision, mission, and goals which are grounded upon improving the health of the community through innovation and integration of teaching, research, service, scholarship, and practice. This, along with the core values of the College of Nursing, are further exemplified by the accomplishments of our Alumni who leave our halls to apply their knowledge and experience in the delivery of evidence based care to communities around the globe.

In this, our 60th year, we seek to recognize our past, our present, and our plans for the future. Most importantly though, we seek to recognize our Alumni.

Each year, ETSU College of Nursing Alumni/Graduates are contributing to the field of nursing. College of Nursing graduates have demonstrated leadership in education, research, service, and practice. As part of this 60th Anniversary, we want to hear from our Alumni and we want to share your stories on how ETSU College of Nursing Graduates are making a difference in their communities and leading innovation through teaching, research, service, scholarship, or practice. If you would like to let us know what the College of Nursing means to you and how your education at the CoN has helped you in your career, please complete the Alumni Update Form.

This year the College of Nursing will host several events to commemorate our 60th Anniversary and we sincerely hope that you will show your ETSU pride and join us for a celebration, not only of the College of Nursing, but you as well. For our Alumni/graduates are forever a part of the College of Nursing.

60th Anniversary Gala Honorees
Nursing Alumni Awards

College of Nursing
60th Anniversary Alumni Awards
October 3rd, 2014

As part of the 60th Anniversary of the College of Nursing, the college recognized 60 graduates of the ETSU College of Nursing programs who have demonstrated significant leadership in the nursing field. The alumni awards recognize dgraduates who have demonstrated leadership in education, research, service, and/or practice.

We congratulate the 60 honorees of the College of Nursing Alumni Awards and we thank you all for your commitment to advancing the field of nursing and providing opportunities for generations of nursing students who shall follow. Your leadership shall always be remembered and will remain a vital component of the College of Nursing legacy.

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