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Clinical Nurse Leader

The program is available with full-time and part-time options.  The following is the full-time plan; contact an Amy Bower ( ) in the Office of Student Services to discuss the part-time option. 

Fall Semester I
**NRSE 5009 Health Assessment Throughout the Lifespan 3 hrs
**NRSE 5010 Health Assessment Throughout the Lifespan: Practicum 3 hrs (60 clock hrs)
*NRSE 5016 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 hrs
**NRSE 5000 Conceptual Systems for Advanced Practice 2 hrs


11 hrs

Spring Semester II

NRSE 5001 Nursing Research and Design 3 hrs
NRSE 6513 Case Management 2 hrs
NRSE 5200 Microsystem Management for the CNL 3 hrs
NRSE 5210 Advanced Pharmacology for Non-Prescribers 3 hrs


11 hrs

Summer Semester III

NRSE 5520 Fiscal Management in Nursing Administration 3 hrs
NRSE 6004 Quality Management in Health Care 3 hrs


6 hrs

Fall Semester IV

NRSE 5017 Health Care Informatics 3 hrs
NRSE 5220 Population-based Clinical Nursing Care 3 hrs
NRSE 5002 Health Care Policy & Ethics 3 hrs
Elective 3 hrs


12 hrs

Spring Semester V

NRSE 5950 Internship in Advanced Nursing Practice 4 hrs (360 clock hrs)

Total Credit Hours in Curriculum    44
Total Clock Hours in Practica     420

*NRSE 5016 and NRSE 5210 are pre- or corequisities to all clinical practica except Health Assessment.

 **Prerequisite to clinical courses.

Note:: The ratio of credit hours to clock hours per week is 1:1 for didactic courses, and 1:2 for all practica and 1:6 for Internship.

Questions?  email Amy Bower ( ) in the Office of Student Services. 

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