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Nursing Administration Hybrid On-ground Program

The program is offered in a blended online and on-campus hybrid model which is very convenient for working professionals.  Contact an in the Office of Student Services for additional information. 
Fall - Semester I

Credit Hours (Clock Hours)

PMNU 5000 Conceptual Systems for Advanced Nursing Practice 2
*PMNU 5017 Health Care Informatics 3
PMNU 5501 Leadership in Nursing Administration 1
Spring - Semester II
PMNU 5510 Organizational Theory: Application to Nursing Administration 3
*PMNU 5530 Health Care Organizations and Law 3
Summer - Semester III
PMNU 5001 Nursing Research and Design 3
PMNU 5520 Fiscal Management in Nursing Administration  3
Fall - Semester IV
PMNU 5535 Quality Management in Health Care Organizations 3
*PMNU/PUBH/ACCT 5550 Human Resource Management in Health Organizations 3
Spring - Semester V
*PMNU/PUBH/MGMT 5590 Strategic Planning for Health Care 3
ALNU 5021 Case Management 2
Summer - Semester VI
PMNU 5002 Policy & Ethics in Advanced Practice Nursing 3
PMNU 5560 Nursing Administration Practicum I 2 (90)
Fall - Semester VII
PMNU 5570 Nursing Administration Practicum II 2 (90)
Total Credit Hours in Curriculum 36
Total Clock Hours in Practica 180

*Course Approved for the 18 credit hour Interdisciplinary (College of Business, Public & Allied Health, Nursing) Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management Program

NOTE:   The ratio of credit hours to clock hours per week is 1:1 for didactic courses; 1:3 for the Nursing Administration Practicum courses

Questions?  Contact an in the Office of Student Services. 
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