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Parking and Directions


Parking FAQ's

Q1: Where can I Park when I visit the Clinic?

A1: There are three spaces marked on the side of the building as shown in the picture to the left.

Q2: Do I need to have a permit to park in the ETSU clinic reserved spaces?

A2:Yes, you need a Visitor's permit to park in the ETSU clinic reserved spaces if you do not have a current ETSU parking decal. To request a Visitor's permit, please visit

Q3:Will I receive a parking citation if I park in the ETSU clinic reserved spaces?

A3: You may receive a citation for being parked in the reserved spaces. If you had an appointment at the clinic, please return the citation to the cllinic receptionist.

Q4: What if I already left the campus?

A4: You may bring your ticket back to the ETSU clinic at your next appointment.

Q5: Where can I get additional parking information?

A5: Please refer to the Parking and Traffic Regulations Brochure for additional information. You can also visit

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