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Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab About the Sim Lab:

The Simulation Labs, located in Rooms 3-347 and 3-348 Roy Nick’s Hall, play a vital part of many nursing courses. Simulations range from basic assessment skills to higher-order thinking and decision making during life-threating scenarios.  Faculty work with learners to offer teaching and learning strategies that meet the needs of different learning styles.

For Faculty and Students: 

Simulation is an innovative teaching strategy that offers authentic learning activities that mimic “real life” patient scenarios/situations. Human patient simulators range from low-fidelity, which are non-computerized mannequins where students may practice skills such as catheter insertion and wound care, to medium and high fidelity, which are computerized manikins that have life like features and physiologically responds as a real patient.    

The Value of Sim Labs:

The simulation lab is flexible and has the potential to be transformed into five different hospital type stations.  There is an acute care and critical care station that houses seven simulators (six medium fidelity and one high fidelity, IStan). The obstetric unit which consists of a laboring high fidelity simulator, SimMom, who can birth a baby. The newborn nursery has one high fidelity mannequin, SimBaby.  A pediatric station is also available with two medium fidelity child mannequins. 

The simulation environment offers state-of-the art features such as equipment found in the hospital setting including: diagnostic wall units, a crash cart, wall mounted monitors, a ventilator, and an electrocardiogram machine, etc.  The technology available in the labs has the ability to record student engagement throughout the simulation experience and replay the experience back to students, which is proven to enhance learning. 

Sim Lab Rules/Guidelines:

There are a few rules that apply to the simulation labs.  Due to this being a “realistic” patient setting and to protect the integrity of the simulators, a strict adherence to no food, drinks (including water), and ink pen use is enforced by both faculty and staff of the simulation lab.  The simulation lab is considered a patient care area and professionalism is required at all times.

Sim Lab Contacts:

Simulation Coordinator/Assistant Professor
Office: Roy Nick’s Hall 2-299
Office phone: 423-439-4062

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