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Clinical Skills Lab

Skills LabThe College of Nursing Clinical Skills labs are dedicated to students enrolled in both ETSU's undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. The purpose of the labs is to offer an environment which is conducive to learning, resulting in both student and faculty success.

The state of the art clinical learning labs are located in Nicks Hall, rooms 326 and 327. Students may practice skills in these labs after regularly scheduled classes.

Lab 327 houses 17 patient beds, with full-sized adult and pediatric manikins, in a realistic hospital setting. These manikins are complete with anatomical landmarks, such as the trachea and esophagus. Procedures that are possible include, but are not limited to, NG tube placement, tracheal care and suctioning, wound care, and IM injections. Additionally, this lab offers various other realistic models on which to practice skills.

Lab 326 houses 12 exam/treatment tables in a setting that imitates the nurse practitioner's environment.

Skills Lab Contact:

, Coordinator
PO Box 70650
Johnson City, TN 37614
Skills lab phone: 423-202-0816
Phone: 423-439-4586
Fax: 423-439-4543

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