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Tutoring is available for courses which are deemed to be high risk.   Information on tutoring sessions is presented during class.  Tutors and tutorees must agree to follow the College of Nursing honor code, academic policies and procedures and sign a contract and confidentiality statement.

It is expected that tutorees come to each tutoring session having already studied the material.


  • Coaching in Study Skills
  • Individualized Tutoring for Students with Multiple Needs
  • Drop-in tutoring (Daytime and evening)
  • Exam Preparation


  • Promotion of a spirit of student collegiality
  • Personal satisfaction>
  • Tutor Salaries
  • Reinforcement of own learning
  • Formal recognition
  • Resume enhancement

Peer tutors may work one-on-one, with small or large groups. Tutors may also provide exam reviews and conduct special skill-based sessions; i.e. dosage and calculation. Some tutors specialize in a favorite subject while others will assist with many subjects.

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