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The College of Nursing Honors-in-Discipline (HID) program includes a collection of academically-enhanced nursing courses, seminars and a research thesis directed by a College of Nursing faculty member.  The research thesis focuses on an area of student-faculty collaborative interest and could result in a publishable manuscript or presentation at a professional meeting.  Students, who successfully complete the HID program and graduate as College of Nursing HID Scholars, receive recognition on their transcripts and are presented medallions at the Nursing Convocation to be worn during commencement.

The College of Nursing Honors-in-Discipline program provides additional nursing education and research opportunities to academically talented students.  The collaborative relationships with nursing faculty, the academically-enhanced nursing courses and small group seminars provide students with opportunities to develop a research study and present the findings during University and regional research forums.  The HID program also provides a strong foundation for baccalaureate students who plan to pursue graduate education.

Tennessee residents who participate in the College of Nursing HID program compete for a limited number of scholarships covering tuition and fees for the duration of the HID program (up to 8 semesters including APS support), contingent on maintaining program eligibility.  These scholarships are awarded by the Honors College, not the College of Nursing.  Out-of-state students who participate in the College of Nursing HID program are eligible to receive an out-of-state waiver, contingent on maintaining program eligibility.  HID students who receive a scholarship must enroll for at least 15 credit hours per semester.  HID scholarships have no work requirement. /honors/hid_scholars/hidscholarships.php

Admission Requirements:

The CON Undergraduate Program has determined that all applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for the HID program and to remain in good standing:

· Enrollment in the 1st semester of nursing courses (pre nursing courses are not considered nursing courses)

· An overall college GPA of at least 3.2

How to Apply:

Interested undergraduate nursing students must apply for the College of Nursing Honors-in-Discipline program by November 1 or March 1 each year.  The application form is available here: HID Application

Complete the application and either 1) print the application and deliver to Dr. Florence Weierbach's office, 113 Nicks Hall OR 2) e-mail the application by attaching and sending to



For additional information or questions, please contact Dr. Florence Weierbach, HID Coordinator at 423-439-4588 or .

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