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FTP Drop Box

Using FTP
You can use file transfer protocol (FTP) software to transfer files to the drop box. If you are an ETSU faculty or staff member, the FTP program is probably already on your computer. If you don't have the program, you may download it at no charge.
(Please remember the directory where you save the file on your computer.)
To install the program, you will need to locate the file in your local computer directory and "double click" on the file ws_ftp32.exe.
For more detailed directions, follow the instructions at
Instructions for Placing Files in the ETSU FTP Drop Box
The ETSU Office of Information Technology maintains a drop box for faculty and staff to exchange files larger than 500K, rather than sending them as e-mail attachments.
Placing and Retrieving Files in the Drop Box
Follow these instructions to place and retrieve files in the drop box:
1. Open the FTP program to establish an ftp session.
2. Enter hostname, your pwrk12 username, and your password. Click OK.
3. Double-click on the dropbox folder in the remote system window on the right to open the dropbox. The remote system window will appear empty because the contents of the dropbox folder cannot be viewed or browsed.
4. Select the file you want to transfer from the local system window on the left. (You can use the up green arrow to navigate the files on your local system.)
5. When you are ready to upload the file, click on the right arrow between the local and remote system windows to transfer the file to the dropbox.
6. Send the name of the file in the body of your e-mail message to the person to whom you wish to retrieve the file. For example, if you place a file named myfile.txt in the drop box, your e-mail message will contain the link
Users can view or download the file by clicking on the link from within the e-mail message.
Files stored in the dropbox will be deleted after two weeks.
This service is provided and maintained by the Office of Information Technology and is available for all faculty and staff members. If you need assistance, contact the OIT help desk at (9-4648).


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