Blackberry Password Reset

If your BlackBerry device has been misplaced and you might be able to recover it, you can use the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager to change your device password and lock your device to help secure your device data. You'll need to first log into the Blackberry Web Desktop Manager.  When you first get there, you'll be given a security warning about the site's certificate.

Security Certificate 

When you see the screen, simply click on the "Continue to this website (not recommended)".  After that, you should be taken to the login screen listed below.

Log-In Screen

You'll need to use your regular ETSU username and password. As shown in the picture, use ETSU for the Domain and use Active Directory for the "Log In Using" field. Do not put etsu\ in the username field.

On the Home tab, click Secure a Lost Device.

Secure a Lost Device

Click Specify new device password and lock device.

Specify new password

In the Device password field, type your new device password. In the Confirm password field, type your new password again. Click Specify new device password and lock device.

Lock device

Here's an example of what may show up on your phone after the password has been reset.


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