Wipe Blackberry Settings

If your BlackBerry device has been lost, you can use the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager to erase all data and settings. You'll need to first log into the Blackberry Web Desktop Manager.

Log-In Screen

You'll need to use your regular ETSU username and password. As shown in the picture, use ETSU for the Domain and use Active Directory for the "Log In Using" field. Do not put etsu\ in the username field.

On the Home tab, click Secure a Lost Device.

Secure a Lost Device

Click Delete all device data and disasble device.

Delete all device data

Click "Yes - Delete all device data and disasble device."

Yes, delete!

You'll get a message stating that the device is queued to be deleted.

Device queued for deletion

If you find your device later or you replace it, contact us and we'll help you set up the device back to the network.

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