Microsoft Office Outlook Setup

Outlook is rather easy to set up on campus for your ETSU e-mail account.  While this displays information in regards to Outlook 2007, the process is the same for later versions as well. This guide will walk you through the various settings of the setup program.


This is the welcome screen that comes up when the setup program starts. Click Next.


Account Configuration
This confirmation screen makes sure that you really want to configure Outlook for your email account. Be sure that the selection is set to Yes and click on Next.


Account Setup 
Outlook tries to contact the e-mail server and get your account information. It should show your full name and e-mail address. Note that when you give out your e-mail address, you're not required to include the "mail" part.  Click on the Next button.

  Configuring server settings

Outlook will then get more configuration settings from the server. If all goes well, you should see the green check marks and then you can click on Finish.

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