Xen File Navigation

File Navigation within an application that has been virtualized can be a little tricky. You still need to save data to a file, and then be able to retrieve that data or file later just as with an application that is installed locally. The problem here is that the virtual application is not actually running on your machine. It is running on a server, and you are 'seeing' that remote application. So since the application is not running locally, saving and retrieving files is not as simple as we are all used to. However with a couple easy tips, these differences can be easily overcome.

Here I have some data input to SPSS that I want to save. SPSS is a virtual application in this case, so we will need to save our file differently.

We will need to choose Save or Save As... like we normally do.


In the Save dialog box, you will need to select the "Look in:" pull down and search for your mapped network storage. This will either be Z: if you are a student or Q: if you are a faculty or staff. You may have to scroll down the list to find it, but just look for Z: or Q:. Your network storage will always be mapped when using a virtual application. So as long as you store your files there, you will always be able to retrieve them.
Save Location

Let us say we want to open a Minitab data file that we've saved previously.
Minitab Open

We bring up the Open dialog box like we normally would.
Minitab Open Prompt

Minitab doesn't do a very good job of populating the "Look in..." field very well, so all we need to do is hit the Computer shortcut on the left-hand navigation bar.
My Computer shortcut

This displays all the drives on the Computer, and again, we scroll down until we find our network storage drive (Z: or Q:).
Drive display

Open that drive, and your previously saved files will be there to open.
File listing

Local storage, like the C: of your computer and/or a USB drive, is also available to you, but these drives are listed under Network drives. Remember you are accessing an application that is running on a server, so the drives on your computer are remote drives. Look for "Local Disk C:" or "Removable Disk" and you'll be able to save your file on your local computer.
Local Drive

Removable Storage

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