How to Order

How do I obtain the software?

Information Technology Services will be responsible for installing the software on the computers once a license has been purchased. Please note that these Adobe programs can only be obtained with a purchase order initiated by your placing a requisition in eBucs. You cannot purchase this software with your Pro-Card. Computer Intelligence Association is the vendor for the software. Please note you are purchasing from TBR contract #20010 on the requisition.

Once you have submitted a requisition and the license has been purchased, Computer Intelligence Association will email a copy of the license to the Procurement office, who will also inform ITS of your needs. Someone will be contacting you about coming to install the software for you.

Why can’t I buy the CDs?

The agreement only allows for one installation per license purchased. By centralizing the installation of the software, ETSU is assured of complying with any software audit that may occur in the future.

What if I want to put it on another computer and take it off this one?

Please call the ITS Help Desk and have a ticket put in. They will uninstall it from one, and install it to another. If you wish to keep the program on the original computer, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact ITS if you have further questions. We can be reached at , or at x94648 on campus, and 439-4648 off campus.

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