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Departments with university computers

This agreement covers approved client software for any computer owned by ETSU. However, it does not cover server software. (See Microsoft Select to learn how to purchase server software.)

To request software installation, notify the ITS Help Desk at 439-4648 (9-4648) or send email to . Please provide the ETSU inventory number of all computers to be upgraded and a list of products for which you are requesting the upgrade.

This agreement does not include paper documentation. One of the advantages of this program is the cost savings achieved when electronic and paper documentation are eliminated. If you require a hard copy manual, check with bookstores that stock computer software manuals. Alternatively, you may use the help system that installs with the program, refer to the Microsoft Website for help and tutorials, or purchase documentation from sources like Microsoft Press® books, the university bookstore, or another book seller.

The Office of Information Technology is unable to provide support for the installation or use of the software on your personal computer. For technical support, please refer to Microsoft Support Online at

Before obtaining or installing any software, please examine the system requirements of the product to ensure your PC is capable of running the software. You can find this information at

This software is for use by university employees only. If you leave employment at the university, you are no longer eligible to use this software and it must be removed from your system. No refunds will be granted.

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