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About the campus agreement

East Tennessee State University entered into an agreement with Microsoft called the Campus Agreement. This agreement gives faculty and staff access to many of Microsoft's most popular software products for installation on university-owned computers. It includes software for both Windows PCs and Macintosh computers.

Some of the more popular programs covered in this agreement are operating system upgrades, office suites, Web editors, programming tools, messaging tools and more.

The campus agreement benefits student labs and departments because now it will be easier and less expensive to keep Microsoft software at the current, most recent release, without having to budget for unforeseen upgrades.

What approved client software is included in the agreement?

This agreement covers the following Microsoft products:

Microsoft Windows upgrades. You still have to purchase an initial copy of Microsoft Windows on a new PC, but upgrades are included in this agreement, as long as it was purchased with a minimum of XP Home or Vista Home. This allows us to purchase desktops and laptops with Windows XP Home edition, yet re-image to XP Professional upon delivery, this saving almost $60 per system.

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (including Macintosh versions), containing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access on Windows. The Macintosh version contains Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Expression Web, a Web development tool.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, Microsoft's programming environment.

Microsoft Core Client Application License, including client licenses for the following Microsoft servers



System Management Server (SMS)


Microsoft Campus Agreement FAQs
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