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Printer Standards

Printer Standards
updated February 18, 2013


In an attempt to lower the total cost of ownership to the University as a whole, printer standards were implemented on April 1, 2004 .  All inkjets printers purchased previously are NOT covered by ITS support and maintenance.  If you have a university approved standard LaserJet printer less than 6 years old as of today's date, ITS might support it.  All other printers will be deemed un-supported.  The ITS Help Desk will have a list of ETSU Inventory numbers that indicate eligible printers, and when you call for service, they will inform you if your printer is not  supported.  The department will then be responsible for obtaining hardware repairs from an outside source, or replacing the printer with a newer, supported standard model.

The only models that will be tagged are any of the Dells seen when you initially access the Dell punch-out. 

A department may choose to purchase a printer other than one of these.  If they do so, they will not be tagged with an ETSU inventory number, nor will they be covered under the campus PC Maintenance contract.  The department will be responsible for obtaining their own support and repairs for hardware failures. 

ETSU has a state contract with  Dell, Inc. to purchase printers. 


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