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Usage Guidelines

ETSU ResNET Usage Guidelines


The ETSU Residence Hall Network (ResNET) has been established to provide resident students with access to the Internet and the ETSU campus network to support resident student academic pursuits.


ResNET is provided at no additional cost to students residing in ETSU residence hall facilities.

Acceptable Usage

You may use ResNET for academic pursuits such as conducting academic research, Web browsing, reading on-line information, setting up academic web sites on campus servers, accessing campus computer systems and services, and exchanging e-mail with friends and family.

Unacceptable Usage
Users must refrain from the following activities:

  1. Using computing facilities to violate any university policy or regulation, or federal, state, or local law

  2. Entering, without authorization, into any account to use, read, transfer, or change the contents in any way

  3. Impersonating or misrepresenting another individual's computer account or e-mail username

  4. Granting another individual access to your computer account

  5. Using computing resources to interfere with the work of other students, faculty, or university officials

  6. Using computing facilities to send obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, or harassing messages

  7. Using computing resources to interfere with the normal operation of university computing systems and connected networks including, but not limited to, introducing viruses, flooding the network with messages, sending chain letters, or unfairly monopolizing resources that results in the exclusion of others

  8. Using university-computing resources for profit or commercial purposes.

Intentional failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action, which may include suspension of user privileges and/or suspension or expulsion from ETSU. In addition, violations may result in referral for prosecution to local, state, or federal authorities.


Students are expected to conduct themselves on the Internet just as they are expected to conduct themselves in the classroom or the halls of the campus. Students using ResNET should comply with the ETSU acceptable use policy.

Distribution of copyrighted music, software or similar materials is expressly prohibited. Violators will be referred to the appropriate parties for punitive action.

ETSU reserves to the right to establish and maintain ResNET as it sees fit. Users or applications that create problems in operation or performance of the ResNET will be filtered or their access will be terminated.

Privileges & Responsibilities

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) operates a wide-area network that interconnects local area networks in academic and administrative offices, student computer labs, and residence halls. The University maintains connections into the Tennessee Education Cooperative Network (TECnet), the Internet and the World Wide Web. Thus, the University's network is a part of the global network that provides access to information and information processing technologies.

By having access to the University's network and its resources, students, faculty, and staff can communicate and collaborate among themselves and their counterparts throughout the world. This privilege carries with it responsibilities with which all users must comply.

Everyone within the ETSU community who uses networked computing and communications facilities has the responsibility to use them in an ethical, professional and legal manner and to abide by TECnet policies. Users should respect the privacy rights of others.

ETSUs facilities and network access capabilities should never be used for purposes intended to incite crime. Communications which violate Tennessee, federal, or international law are not acceptable. For example, the use of ETSU's computer and network resources to threaten or harass others or the misrepresentation of one's identity in electronic communications for the purpose of illegal or unauthorized actions or activities will not be tolerated.

These statements concerning responsibility are not meant to be exhaustive. Any questionable use should be considered "not acceptable." Serious or repeated instances of abuse will be referred to the proper authority for disciplinary or legal action.

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