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Student Telephone

Welcome to the telephone access web page provided by the Information Technology Services. ITS will be posting more information on this site as more information becomes available regarding telecommunication services.

Call waiting can be activated by dialing #5, and deactivated by dialing #6.

The cost of your telephone service is included in your dorm fees.

Students do not currently have access to voicemail or caller ID services.

All telephone and voicemail equipment is to be provided by the student.  Information Technology Services will provide service to the telephone jack located in the student's room.

If you have questions regarding telephones or cable television that are not posted here, please email the  or call 3-4648 for further assistance.

Student Dialing Instructions

Emergency Dialing

  • In an emergency:  Dial 911
  • ETSU Police:  Dial 439-4480

Local and Toll-Free Dialing

  • Campus numbers:  Dial only the last five digits
  • VA Hospital numbers:  Dial 78 + five-digit extension
  • Local, off campus:  Dial 8 + the seven-digit number
  • Toll-free:  Dial 8 + 1 + toll-free number

Long Distance Dialing

The student telephone system does not have the option to assign long distance carriers, however a calling card may be used. Please follow the instructions printed on your calling card when making long distance calls. 

The university offers an authorization code for on-campus long distance access. This code is available from the Office of Information Technology in Burgin Dossett Hall, Room 308.

Instructions for using the ETSU authorization code:

  1. Dial 8 plus the number you are trying to reach.  Enter your assigned 9-digit authorization code after you hear a series of beeps.
  2. Invoices will be sent to campus post office boxes during the first week of the month.  All payments are to be made to the Comptroller's Office located in Burgin Dossett Hall, Room 202.
  3. Please call extension 9-4281 with any questions you may have regarding usage of the telephone.  Please direct all service-related calls to the Student Help Desk at extension 3-4648.

International Dialing

  • Dial 8 + 011 + country code + city code + local telephone number
  • The country code and city code, if any, can be found on pages 10 and 11 of the Sprint telephone directory.
  • Students are not allowed to make international calls using the University authorization code.  You must use a calling card to complete an international call.

Information Dialing

  • Campus Information:  Dial 439-1000 or 0
  • Directory Assistance:  Dial 8 + 1 + area code + 555-1212. 
    Please note: This is a toll call. You must use a calling card or authorization code to call directory assistance.
  • Online directories: and
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