Elementary Education, M.Ed.

Mostly Online Master of Education

Mostly Online Master of Education
Elementary Education, M.Ed.

Elementary Education, M.Ed. Program Overview

The purpose of the online Master of Education in Elementary Education degree program is to improve the quality of teaching at the elementary level by broadening the background of teachers in the areas of study related to elementary teaching and preparing teachers as action researchers.

“Mostly online” means that there are a limited number of on-campus meetings and/or courses. Contact us for specific program information.


Individuals seeking admission to graduate programs in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction must first meet general requirements of the School of Graduate Studies. In addition, the following specific admission criteria apply:

  1. A candidate who has an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale for all work completed is eligible for admission.
  2. A candidate who has an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale may be granted admission by either of the following two (2) procedures:
  • Obtaining a minimum of 2400 points based on the following formula:
  1. a. *the sum of the GRE aptitude scores (V+Q+AW) or the equivalent score on the revised GRE that is in effect as of August 1, 2011;
  2. b. GPA x 500; and
  3. c. the sum of number (1) and (2). 

* Scores on the GRE-AW will be substituted for the Analytical (A) scores using a scaled transfer.

  • Participating in an interview with the appropriate admission committee. The candidate will be responsible for providing the admission committee with information for consideration in admission decisions. Factors to be considered include teaching experience; scores on standardized tests; GPA during the entire undergraduate experience, during the last two years of undergraduate school, and in the major; performance in graduate courses taken; recommendations of supervisors and colleagues; quality of undergraduate school(s) attended; oral communication skills; and skill in writing, which will be determined in part by the candidate’s extemporaneous writing during the interview process.

Your M.Ed Program

Core Courses

  • EDFN 5010 - Interdisciplinary Seminar (1 credit, may be repeated for a total of 3 credits)
  • EDFN 5950 - Methods of Research (3 credits)
  • CUAI 5199 - Teaching in a Diverse Society (3 credits)
  • MEDA 5400 - Technology in Teaching and Learning (3 credits)

Total Core Hours: 10 Credit Hours

Professional Development Courses

  • CUAI 5440 - Elementary School Curriculum and Assessment (3 credits)
  • READ 5120 - Teaching Reading (3 credits)
  • READ 5750 - Literacy Instruction in Linguistically Diverse Classroom (3 credits)
  • READ 5027 - Diagnostic and Remedial Procedures in Reading (3 credits)
  • CUAI 5116 - Elementary School Mathematics (3 credits)
  • CUAI 5119 - Elementary School Science (3 credits)
  • CUAI 5121 - Elementary School Social Studies (3 credits)

Total Professional Development Hours: 21 Credit Hours

Content Courses

  • Content courses are selected from areas of study related to elementary teaching and must be approved by the advisor.

Total Content Hours: 6 Credit Hours

Total Required Coursework: 36 Credit Hours

Source: ETSU 2015 - 2016 Graduate Catalog,
Elementary Education, M.Ed.


2015-16 ETSU graduate base tuition plus online fees*:

  • $554 per credit hour for in-state students
  • $706 per credit hour for eRate for out-of-state students

*Tuition cost reflected here includes 2015-2016 base tuition and online fees only and does not include RODP courses and programs. Some courses and programs may have additional fees. More information can be found on the University Tuition and Fee Information and the Incidental Fee Information pages.

Students meeting the requirements for Border County residency qualify for in-state tuition rates. 

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information:


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