Online Courses at ETSU

Online Courses at ETSU

Current Students Please Note:
If you are registered as a full-time student (at least 12 hours for undergraduate students and 9 hours for graduate students) for Fall 2016 and you received an email intended for part-time students, please accept our apologies.
Full-time students who received this email, received it in error. Recieving this email is not indicative of a problem with your registration status or student account. Please call 423-439-8611 if you have questions or would like personal assistance.


There are two types of online courses: 


Asynchronous online courses are courses for which there are no set meeting times, and most or all of the course work will be completed through the D2L online learning platform. These courses are identified in GoldLink's Course Lookup with a section number between 900 and 989 and "Web-Based" as the instructional method.


Synchronous courses do require the student to be logged in from their desktop or laptop computer at specific class times. These courses and may include class live streaming through ITV or Webex. With the addition of a webcam and microphone, the online synchronous student can interact fully with the instructor and other students in the course, and students can view recorded archives afterward to review important points. Synchronous online courses are identified in GoldLink with a 990-995 course number and Web-Based as the instructional method.

Please read the course information in GoldLink carefully and contact the department or instructor if you have questions regarding class meeting requirements. 

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