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Instructor Access

Instructors are automatically added to D2L courses when entered as the instructor of record in Goldlink / Banner.  Information Technology Services will only make manual changes to D2L enrollment if there is a problem with the automatic process or in the event of an emergency.  Please review the following policy approved by the Dean's Council on October 2, 2008 for greater detail. 

Dean's Council
October 2, 2008

Course Management System Access

  1. Access to course sites is granted by course Instructor of Record.
  2. Instructor of Record is extracted from Banner and inserted into the Course Management System. This allows academic departments to control the Instructor of Record for each course.
  3. Course Management System support staff members adhere to the following policy:
    • Only the Instructor of Record for the course has the authority to allow access to their course management system site.
    • Adherence to this policy works well except in emergency situations. Specifically when the Instructor of Record is unavailable.

Resolution:  The policy stands as approved by Dean's Council.  In the event of an emergency, the CIO and Senior Vice Provost for Information Technology Services will consult with the appropriate Dean.

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