SAI Summary

Section 2.6 of ETSU’s Faculty Handbook states:

For each faculty member, students will complete Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) in at least two classes during fall and spring semesters, if the faculty member teaches courses for which such assessment is appropriate.  Following the completion of the semester, SAI results are reported to the faculty member, as well as to deans and department chairs.  Information about teaching effectiveness, including but not limited to the results of Student Assessment of Instruction, is used in annual evaluation of faculty members and in evaluation of applications for tenure and promotion.

NOTE: Tennessee Board of Regents policy and the ETSU Faculty Handbook, sections and, stipulate that faculty applying for tenure or promotion must provide SAIs “for at least eight courses, wherever possible, or for every course evaluated during the probationary period, if this number is greater.  These student assessments should be representative of a variety of classes that the candidate has taught.”