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Educational Outreach Programs Staff

  • Dr. Ronnie Gross  Director, TRIO Programs                                                             

  • Becky Stout  Assistant Director, Educational Outreach Programs 

  • Gregory Stout  Project Specialist, TRIO Programs                            

  • Teresa Carver  Executive Aide, TRIO Programs                                      

  • Linda Richardson   Executive Aide, Educational Outreach Programs 

    Educational Talent Search Staff


  • Sarah Knight   Coordinator/Advisor Sullivan County High Schools, Holston Valley Middle, Bluff City Middle and Blountville Middle.

  • Kellie Cooley  Advisor, Hawkins County Middle Schools, Ketron Intermediate and Holston Middle School

  • Noah Grunzweig  Advisor, Johnson County Schools, Volunteer and Cherokee High Schools, Clinch School

Educational Opportunity Center Staff

  • Kent Arnold   Advisor, Hawkins & Greene counties in Tennessee and Scott County, Virginia    

  • Beverly Barberi  Advisor, Sullivan & Washington counties in Tennessee and Washington County, Virginia

  • Dale Clements  Advisor, Washington, Johnson, Unicoi & Carter counties in Tennessee


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