Department News
Summer 2004

All the latest news from faculty, staff, and students.

Department Events...

  • Department Executive Aide Brenda Aldridge retired in June 2004 after many years at ETSU.
  • The Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geology hosted a conference on The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars July 7 - 9, 2004 at the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City. This conference is being organized by Dr. Rico Ignace.
  • The ETSU Dept of Physics, Astronomy, and Geology is hosting a Science Teacher's Workshop on Variable Stars this summer at the Harry D. Powell Observatory.  The workshop will run from June 15 - August 3.
  • Dr. Don Luttermoser gave an invited talk at the 204th American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting held in Denver, CO from 30 May through 3 June 2004 at a Special Session titled What's New with Old Variable Stars?   His talk, titled The Dynamic Atmospheres of Mira Variable Stars, was the first talk of this session held on Thursday morning, 3 June 2004.
  • Dr. David Close presented an invited talk at the Computational Center for Molecular Structure and Interactions in the Dept. of Chemistry at Jackson State University (May 13, 2004). His talk was entitled`DFT Calculations on the Primary Radiation Induced Free Radicals Observed in DNA Model Compounds'.
  • Drs. David Close and Yuriy Razskazovskiy attended the 8th International Workshop on Radiation Damage to DNA on May 25-30 in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Photographs: Dr. Close chaired the opening session on Radiation-Induced DNA Base Damage I, and presented an invited talk on `Oxidatitive Damage to Cytosine: Implication for Radiation Induced Damage in DNA'. Dr. Razskazovskiy presented an invited talk on `Modification of Direct Damage to DNA by Histone-Mimicking Polypeptides'.
  • Dr. David Close attended the 2004 Teaching Nonproliferation Institute on June 11- June 15 in Asheville, NC.
  • Dr. Close presented an invited talk at the Curriculum Development Workshop on `Physics 1030, a new course on Physics and Society'.
  • Dr. David Close attended the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research 2004 workshop on Delegitimizing Nuclear Weapons (June 22-27) in Takoma Park, MD. Dr. Close presented a talk entitled `Is Radioactivity bad for you?'

  Student News and Events...

  • Amanda Moffett (ETSU Physics Major) is working with Dr. Beverly Smith on variable stars this summer.  This research is supported by a NASA Long Term Space Astrophysics grant.

  • Physics major Rachel Baker is attending an NSF funded Research Experience for Undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin this summer. She has placed an on-line description of her project at
  • Katie Hicks (Guilford College Physics Major) is working with Dr. Gary Henson in an NSF funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates program through the SARA consortium. Katie is acquiring and analyzing BVRI photometry data for a select group of Post - Asymptotic Giant Branch stars, looking for variability in these stars.

  • Congratulations to ETSU Physics graduate Dave Haefner who has been accepted to the Physics graduate program at the University of Central Florida.
  • Congratulations to ETSU Physics alumni Mike Houchins (2001) and his new bride Jennifer Salyer (Math major, Physics minor 2004).  Mike and Jennifer will both be starting graduate school at Clemson University in August  2004.  Mike was accepted into the Ceramics and Materials Engineering program while Jennifer will be pursuing her advanced degree in Applied Mathematics.  


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