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The Carnegie Hotel

The Millenium Center

Another view of the Millenium Center

Brown Hall at ETSU, across the street from the Carnegie Hotel

Mark Giroux and Bev Smith

Don Luttermoser opening the meeting

Emily Levesque

Lee Anne Willson and Don Luttermoser

Bob Stencel and Don Luttermoser

Bruce Hrivnak and Gary Henson

Phil Bennett, Terry Alford, Roy Davidson, Gary Henson, and Don Luttermoser

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

View of the Lecture Room

Don Luttermoser and Harry Powell

Greg Sloan, Kathleen Kraemer, and Jennifer Birriel

Rene Oudmaijer

Group Photo

Second Group Photo

Christina Bunker, Sharon Gray, Bob Mesler, Sabrina Hurlock, Chris Carver, and Amanda Moffett

John Percy

Matt Templeton

Bruce Hrivnak

Gary Henson

Qian Wang

Jason Carson and Rico Ignace

Bev Smith

Coffee Break. Phil Massey and Emily Levesque on left; Michelle Creech-Eakmann and Bruce Hrivnak on right.

Coffee Break. Phil Massey, Bob Wing, Albert Zijlstra, and Bob Stencel.

View of the lecture room.

View of the lecture room. Ken Carpenter is on the right.

Sharon Gray, Amanda Moffett, Christina Bunker, and Qian Wang

Jennifer Birriel and Don Luttermoser

Phil Bennett, Bob Stencel, and Gary Henson.

At Sahib restaurant. Bob Stencel, Gerard van Belle, Mark Giroux, Bev Smith, Tyson and Michelle Creech-Eakmann.

At lunch. Harry Powell, Chris Carver, Amanda Moffett, and Sharon Gray.

Sharon Gray, Chris Carver, and Sabrina Hurlock.

Bob Stencel

In front: Phil Bennett, Amanda Moffett, Sabrina Hurlock, Sharon Gray, and Chris Carver

Bob Wing, Rico Ignace, and John Percy.

View of the conference room.

Gerald Fleenor, Terry Alford, and Tom Rutherford.

Lee Anne Willson and Don Luttermoser.

The beginning of the Gray Fossil Site tour.

Florian Kerber, Robert Wing, John Percy, Teresa and Lucas Ignace, Bruce Hrivnak, and Terry Alford.

John Percy, Florian Kerber, Bob Wing, Bruce Hrivnak, Jeff Supplee, Terry Alford, Teresa Ignace

Mark Giroux, Bev Smith, Mark Hancock, Alexi Stone, Gary Henson, and Don Luttermoser

Photographs taken by Bev Smith, Mark Giroux, Alexi Stone, Mark Hancock, Terry Alford, and Don Luttermoser.

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