Brian Espino


Brown Hall Room 282

Phone number 439-8682

B.S. Physics, University of Central Florida, 2001
M.Sc. Physics, Kansas State University, 2006

Physics Interests:
I've some exposure to a lot of various types of physics. My Master's Thesis was in the field of condensed matter/surface science and is titled: "Phase Separation of a Binary Mixture." In it I modeled a thin film two-phase mixture and studied the time evolution of domain growth in the mixture. Essentially, I watched the mixture, 'unmix' itself in an effort to obtain thermodynamic equilibrium.
At Kansas State, for a brief time, I worked with the MOTRIMS group and produced MOTs (magneto-optical-traps). Thermoacoustics, using sound waves to produce a work output or using heat to produce sound waves also interests me.
Thesis: "Phase Separation of a Binary Mixture"
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