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ETSU Main Campus
    Ada Earnest House
        Conference Room
    Ball Hall
        Slocumb Galleries
    Baptist Collegiate Ministry
    Basler Center of Physical Activity
        Aerobic Studio
        Basler Challenge Course
        CPA Multipurpose Room
        Yoga Studio
    Bond House
    Brooks Gym
    Brown Hall
        Auditorium/ Room 112
    Buc Ridge Club House
    Buccaneer Ridge Apartments
    Burleson Hall
    C. Sherrod Library
        ATS Lab 118
        Borchuck Plaza
        Center for Academic Achievement
        Center for Academic Achievement Room 128
        Center for Academic Achievement Room 129
        Center for Academic Achievement Room 130
        Quillen Conference Room
        Room 309
    Campus Center Building
        Room 220
        Room 307/ eLearning
    Carter Hall
    Catholic Campus Ministry
    Christian Student Fellowship
    D.P. Culp University Center
        ARC Center (2nd Level)
        Ball Room
        Buccaneer Conference Room 117
        Cave Patio
        Culp Auditorium
        Culp Center Cave
        Dining Room 1
        Dining Room 2
        Dining Room 3
        East Tennessee Room
        Meeting Room 1
        Meeting Room 2
        Meeting Room 3
        Meeting Room 4A
        Meeting Room 4B
        Meeting Room 5
        Meeting Room 6
        Ticket Booth First Floor
        Ticket Booth Second Floor
    Davis Apartments
    Digital Media Center
    Dossett (Nell) Hall
    Dossett Hall
        President's Conference Room
        Room 308, Small Conference Room
        Room 309
    Gilbreath Hall
        Bud Frank Theatre
    Governors Hall
    Harry D. Powell Observatory
    Hutcheson Hall
    Innovation Lab
    Intramural Field
    Lamb Hall
    Lucille Clement Hall
    Luntsford Apartments
    Lyle House
    Mathes Hall
        Room 105
        Room 106
        Room 107 (Auditorium)
        Room 18B
    Memorial Center (Minidome)
        Room E205
    Nicks Hall
        110 Classroom
        120 Classroom
        125 Seminar Room
        130 Classroom
        134 Board Room
        160 Health Services
        205 ALNU Conference Room
        220 Classroom
        239 AP/OSS Conference Room
        239 OSS Conference Room
        247 FCNU Conference Room
        268 PMNU Conference Room
        303 Administrative Conference Room
        312 Dean's Office Conference Room
        321 Classroom
        322 Classroom
        326 Graduate Nursing Skills Lab
        328 Undergraduate Nursing Skills Lab
        331 Classroom
        332 Classroom
        345 Nickels NURSE Center
        346 Learning Resource Center
        CASS Multipurpose Room 225
    Panhellenic Hall
    Pedestrian Mall
    Powell Hall
    Presbyterian Campus Ministry
    Public Safety
    Reece Museum
    Rogers Stout
        Room 102
        Room 124
        Room 125
    Ross Hall
    Sam Wilson
        Room 129
    Softball Complex
    Summers-Taylor Soccer Stadium
    University School
    Warf-Pickel Hall
    Wesley Foundation
    West Hall
    Wilson-Wallis Hall
    Yoakley Hall
        Room 109
Family Medicine Associates
    Johnson City
    ETSU at Kingsport
    Acoustic Coffeehouse
    Cardinal Park
    Carnegie Hotel
        Grand Soldiers Ballroom
        Sweetheart Lounge
        Taylor Salon
    Down Home
    Millennium Centre
    Natural History Museum (Gray Fossil Site)
    Nelson Fine Art Center
    Palma L. Robinson Clinical Education Center
    The Battery
VA Campus
    College of Pharmacy- Bldg 7
        Room 211
        Room 215
    McWherter Hall- Bldg 52
    Medical School Bldg 2
        Room 309
    Memorial Theatre
    Stanton-Gerber Hall
        1st Floor Mezzanine
        7th Floor, Auditorium 3
        Academic Affairs Conference Room
        Ground Floor Mezzanine
        Large Auditorium
        Small Auditorium
    Bristol-Slater Senior Center
    Church Hill Senior Citizens Center
    Clinchfield Senior Adult Center
    Elizabethton Senior Citizens Center
    Hancock County Senior Center
    Johnson City Senior Center
    Johnson County Senior Center
    Jonesborough Area Senior Center
    Kingsport Senior Center
    Mount Carmel Senior Center
    Roby Fitzgerald Adult Center
    Rogersville Senior Citizens Center
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