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The Purchasing office supports departments in obtaining the goods and services needed to accomplish the University's mission and goals. The

Purchasing office is part of the Procurement and Contract Services Department at ETSU.  As a university of over 15,500 students and 2,400 employees, ETSU has need of many services and goods to carry out its educational mission.  As a state institution, ETSU is required to take special care of the public funds that enable it to carry out its purpose. 

In order to remain accountable and effective in its acquisitions, ETSU must comply with various state regulations.  The Purchasing office is charged with assisting each University department in complying with the requirements of the Tennessee Board of Regents and the State of Tennessee. 

It is our hope that this site will assist University staff and agents as well as vendors in complying with all applicable regulations and in making the acquisition process as efficient as possible.






Bid Limits

  • less than $10,000 - no bids are required
  • $10,000 to less than $50,000 - 3 informal bids are required (email, fax, phone, etc.). Departments may obtain their own bids.
  • $50,000 or greater - Sealed bids processed by Procurement.





Contact us at :

Procurement and Contract Services
PO Box 70729
Johnson City, TN 37614
Tel: 423-439-4224
Fax: 423-439-5746

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