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1276 Gilbreath Dr., Room B016, Burgin Dossett Hall
( Building 60 on map)
PO Box 70729
Johnson City, TN 37614
Phone 423.439.4224
Fax 423.439.5746 

Kathy Kelley Assoc VP of Administrative Services 423.439.4224
Accounts Payable
Jayne Morrell Accounts Payable and Contract
Compliance Manager
Jennifer Campbell Information Research Technician 423.439.4354
Becky Birdwell Information Research Technician 423.439.6113
Danya Cope Information Research Technician 423.439.4625
Lisa Lowe Information Research Technician 423.439.4224


Doris Lowe Purchasing Manager 423.439.4224  
Wendy Dover Procard Administrator 423.439.4741  
Cathy Chapman  Asst to Contract Officer/Buyer  423.439.6888   
Tyler Gray Purchasing Assistant 423.439.6104 
Lesia Pendleton Purchasing Agent 423.439.6890   

Central Receiving

325 Treasure Lane, PO Box 70696

Phone: 423.439.4364

Fax: 423.439.5793

Jay Seehorn Central Receiving Supervisor 423.439.4746  
Kelly Collins Deliveries 423.439.4364  
Marty Harvey Receiving, Surplus Property 423.439.4364  
Joe Shuffler Deliveries 423.439.4364  
Jamie Simmons Receiving 423.439.4364
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