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Travel FAQs

1. If I get a package deal from a website such as Travelocity or, why do I need to prove I got the best rate by documenting other rates for the airplane ticket and the hotel?

This is a TBR Regulation ( Policy 4:03:03:00 Part II No. 7)

2. Why do I need to complete a DTA before I travel?  Why must it be  authorized by my supervisor?

 DTA’s are no longer used

3. When and why do I need to complete a 5-part Travel Authorization?

 Five part forms are no longer used

4. What paperwork do I need to submit with my Travel Authorization?

 Registration Information

 Hotel Rates if conference

5. What needs to be included with my Claim for Travel Expenses?

Original receipts for all expenses except mileage and meals

6. What paperwork do I need to submit with my Claim for Travel Expenses?

Original Travel Authorizations approved

Original Receipts

Conference Brochure with hotel room rates

Receipts for Pro Card payments (Airfare & Registration)

7. Per diem rates for meals vary by location. Why is this?  How can I find my rate?

Per Diem (M&IE) is the allowance for lodging (excluding taxes), meals and incidental expenses. The General Services Administration (GSA) establishes per diem rates for destinations within the Continental United States.  Please visit to find the rates. Click on the state you need to view that state's rates. Even though some cities are listed for your lookup convenience, not all cities can or will be listed, so look for the county where you will be staying. To look up the county, visit If the city or county you are looking for is not listed on the GSA per diem rate page, then the standard CONUS rate of $77 for lodging and $46 for meals applies.

8.  What are per diem rates for the first and last day of my trip?  Why is it less on these days?

On the first and last travel day, employees are only eligible for 75 percent of the total per diem (M&IE) rate for their temporary duty travel location (not the official duty station location).

9.   Why do I need to tape my small receipts to an 8 ½ x 11 piece of white paper when I submit my claim for Travel Expenses?

This is required so that the travel documents are in order and ready to be scanned into a permanent record.

10.  When can I get a travel advance?

Students and groups only may have an advance. The advance is available two (2) working days before Travel.

11.   Can the University prepay my registration?

The University can prepay registrations by check.  If payment can be made by Procard, this is preferred.

12.   What is the reimbursement rate for hotels?

a. Travel within the State of Tennessee?

The hotel rate is determined by TBR

  b.   Travel to a conference?

The hotel rate will be obtained from the Conference brochure where it indicates the conference headquarters hotel(s) and the standard room rate will be used.  This information must be sent with travel claim for verification.  Employees may select a non-conference hotel. Reimbursement will be made at a rate not to exceed the conference hotel rate.

c. Travel to a business meeting (non-conference) out of state?

The hotel rate is obtained from CONUS Rates provide for out of State.

  13. What travel expenses can I use my University Procard for?

Airfare Tickets

Registration Fees

14. What travel does the President have to approve?

All out-of-country travel which includes Canada, Hawaii and Alaska.

Also those individuals that report directly to the President.

15. Can travel claims for employees be processed through eBucs?


16. Can travel claims for students be processed through eBucs?

No, only those individuals who are paid through payroll are eligible to use this method.

17. What needs to be done to get an employee in eBucs so a travel claim can be processed?

An email that includes name and E# needs to be sent to .

18. How do I add an attachment to a employee reimbursement requisition in eBucs?

Scan the information that needs to be added.  Go into the requisition and click on the comments tab; click on the yellow add comments button; at the bottom of the pop up box is where an attachment can be added.

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