Current Students

Things to Remember:

  • Turn in your Concise Student Schedule and signed Advisor Worksheet each semester as early as you can.  The earlier you turn in an accurate class schedule, the sooner you will receive your payments; if you turn in your schedule a week before the new semester, you will not be paid by the start of classes due to VA backlog.  Once sent from our office to the VA, the payment process generally takes 4 - 6 weeks.  Please keep this in mind for your financial obligations.
  • Remember, your classes MUST follow your degree plan in order to be approved and certified by the VA.
  • Don't forget to fill out a Tuition Deferment form  every semester to keep your schedule safe from purging.  This form permits late payment in case the VA is late on payments, and is the student's responsibility to request.  Print, sign, and deliver to our office in Burgin Dossett along with your class schedule.
  • If you change, add, or drop a class, bring us a copy of your new Concise Student Schedule and a new, signed Advisor Worksheet within 5 business days.  Changes to your class schedule may affect benefits.


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Spotlight on Jay Johnston, current Quillen College of Medicine student and veteran. 


Student Veterans of America

Currently, our university's SVA group is seeking new members--and leaders.  This group offers many opportunities for student and community outreach; SVA provides student veterans with resources and support in post-service life through higher education and professional development.   You do not have to be military-affiliated to participate; this group is open to all ETSU students.  This is a peer-based chapter with oversight from Veterans Affairs staff.

Anyone interested in participating in SVA is asked to please contact the VA Coordinator, Elsa Severijn (

Learn more about SVA .


Student Workers

If you are looking for extra income while pursuing your degree, check with our office for VA-specific work study positions first; if there isn't an opportunity with our office on campus, there may be an opening across the street at the VA medical center.  Also available is the ETSU's Student Job Listing for additional options such as Federal Work Study and Academic Performance Scholarship jobs.


Veterans Upward  Bound

Veterans Upward Bound is a program that helps veterans receive basic instruction in pre-college or GED courses to help prepare them for college, technical, or vocational school enrollment, GED exam and career development.   All services, books, supplies and instruction are provided  FREE OF CHARGE  to eligible veterans.  Class assistance offered include:  Grammar, Composition, Literature, Science, Basic Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Advanced Math, Probability and Statistics, Spanish, Basic Computer Skills: Word, Advanced Computer Skills: Excel, and Computer Lab.  Study Skills, Financial Aid and College Success workshops are also offered.



FirstMate allows you to grant someone view-only access to specific GoldLink pages that you authorize.  Using their own email address and password, they will be able to see pages such as financial aid information and course schedules.  You, the student, are in full control of what and when they are allowed to view your information.  

  • The FirstMate system does not authorize "First Mates" to contact faculty members about student progress.
  • The FirstMate system is intended for use by undergraduate and graduate students. College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy students are excluded.

NOTE:  Though the FirstMate interface encourages accountability, it does not replace student responsibility; for example, students are still expected to initiate their own benefits process and turn in their own VA paperwork to our office each semester (unless presented with extenuating circumstances).


Helpful Resources found on the Web

Military Resources:  Higher Education

To help current (and aspiring) student veterans and their families, this comprehensive guidebook serves two complementary purposes: To address the many challenges that college-bound veterans face daily, including those of a financial, social, academic, medical and geographic nature; and To provide valuable information and resources vetted by actual student veterans who have experienced (and overcome) these challenges first-hand.

A Guide to Master's Degrees for Military Members and Veterans

The following guide provides key information for military members and veterans thinking about (or on the precipice of pursuing) a master’s degree. It dives into the educational benefits, financial options, the most in-demand programs and other considerations all current and former service members need to know before taking the first step toward graduate-level learning.

The U.S. Servicemember's Guide to Academic Programs and Aid

"Current and former military servicemembers and their spouses are eligible for millions of dollars in education-related financial aid every year. If you or your family member is active duty, a reservist, or a retired veteran, you will qualify for some form of financial aid, from privileged federal loans to grants.

This is our financial aid and scholarship guide for U.S. military servicemembers. As you compare these opportunities, keep in mind that some are exclusive. Be sure to check the eligibility terms of each award to see if you can qualify and claim more than one."

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