Problem Resolution Checklist

  • Taking into account the date you submitted your application and/or concise student schedule to the ETSU Veterans Affairs Office, have you allowed for a reasonable amount of time (six to eight weeks minimum in most cases) for the St. Louis Regional Processing Office (RPO) to process your claim?

    NOTE: The Department of Veterans Affairs in St. Louis requires at least two weeks to review new or transfer applications and to prepare enrollment certifications if submitted within two weeks prior to and after the start of a semester. Direct deposit, if available for your entitlement program, of benefit payments is typically more timely.
  • Have you checked on the status of your claim via the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) available on the Internet at (
  • Have you checked on the status of your education benefits via the telephone automated information system available at 888.GI.BILL.1? Did you check the estimated enrollment certification processing time?
  • Have you made a personal telephone inquiry to the St. Louis Regional Processing Office (RPO) at 888.GI.BILL.1?

    NOTE: You should avoid making education benefit inquires to state regional offices since telephone counselors are not education case managers and generally do not have the same level of access to information about education claims.

Problem Still Not Solved? Then As A Last Resort…

If problems with the delivery of educational assistance benefits or some other matter relating to education benefits other than vocational rehabilitation or work-study allowance issues, still exist you may and should only as a last resort, contact your congressional representative for assistance through their district office. The St. Louis RPO has a congressional liaison that handles inquiries from congressional offices. Generally, congressional staff members will want a copy of relevant documents from Veterans Affairs relating to an application or enrollment certification for benefits. Therefore, when contacting Veterans Affairs, indicate you will be pursuing a congressional inquiry so that we can supply you with all of the essential documents. Residents of the First Congressional District in Tennessee can contact:

Representative Phil Roe
First District of Tennessee
Post Office Box 1176
Blountville, TN 37617
(423) 354-0144

If you are a resident outside the First Congressional District, you can identify your congressional representative and contact them via the House of Representative's Write Your Representative web site.

Finally, you may also direct a written inquiry/complaint to the director of the St. Louis RPO:

Director, Regional Processing Office
United States Department of Veterans Affairs
P.O. Box 66830
St. Louis, MO 63166-6830