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Submitting Your Grant Proposal Electronically

Even though your grant proposal is now submitted electronically, you still need to get prior internal approvals before you submit.  Most sponsors that allow electronic grant proposal submissions permit the PI or PD to upload their grant proposal but require that an authorized institutional official electronically submit and/or sign the grant proposal before it is "officially submitted".  If you plan to submit a grant proposal electronically, please contact our office at 439-6000 or as soon as possible.


Do you want to send us a grant proposal electronically?

Send it to us our address at via the ETSU OIT drop box service:

ETSU as an institution is registered with Individuals do NOT register with to submit grant proposals. is a federal Web site that lists most federal funding opportunities. As paper submissions of grant applications become more and more rare, application packages are available for download from and are submitted through that website.

Please be sure to check the funding announcement for any specific information concerning submission requirements.

Please note that in order to create .pdf documents from your Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, you will need .PDF generation software -- may need to purchase a licensed copy of Adobe Professional or other such software.  You can find a list of .PDF generation software at

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