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Applying for NEH Summer Stipends

                       Two nominees from ETSU will be chosen to apply
                   directly to NEH for the 2018 Summer Stipends program.

Official NEH Summer Stipends Website

This NEH website includes:

  • program guidelines, including eligibility criteria
  • sample applications for various disciplines
  • a list of previously-funded projects
  • evaluation criteria and FAQs
  • application and submission instructions including details for
    structuring your narrative
  • the application package












If you are interested in becoming one of ETSU's nominees for the NEH Summer Stipend program, please send an e-mail no later than 4:30 pm on September 6, 2017, to containing the following attachments:

  • your completed request form (available for download below);
  • your full CV; and
  • previous feedback from NEH for this project, if you have previously applied for an NEH Summer Stipend.

Please type "NEH Summer Stipend" in the subject line of your e-mail.

In order for your request to be considered, your Request narrative must provide a description of how your proposal will address each of the four areas outlined in the Program Guidelines: Research and Contribution; Methods and Work Plan; Competencies, Skills, and Access; and, Final Product and Dissemination.

If you experience difficulty with this form,
please contact us at


You will be notified on or about September 12, 2017  of your acceptance or rejection. If accepted, you must fill out and submit the NEH Summer Stipend application form via no later than September 27, 2017. See the NEH website linked above for more information and to download the application package.

"Before beginning, applicants should review the evaluation criteria in Section V of the Program Guidelines and consult the Frequently Asked Question document and sample application narratives" provided on the NEH Summer Stipends website.

Information you'll need to provide on your NEH application


  • ETSU's nominating official:
       Dr. William R. Duncan, Vice Provost for Research

  • e-mail address:

  • ETSU's DUNS number:
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