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Here are some definitions and explanations of abbreviations and acronyms.  We hope you find this helpful.  If there is a term that you are not familiar with and that is not included here, please contact the IT Coordinator.

See also a key to sponsor acronyms (such as NEA, NEH, NIH, NSF, SBA, TCNCS, etc.)

In addition, here is a link to a very comprehensive glossary from Florida State University:

F&A Facilities and Administrative Costs, aka Indirect Costs; see IDC
ICD Informed Consent Document
Not to be confused with IDC, this document is related to IRB submissions
IDC Indirect Costs, aka F&A
for a complete definition and an explanation of how IDCs are divided within the institution, please see the related questions on the FAQ page.
IRB Institutional Review Board; see the IRB website
ORSPA Number The number that is assigned to a proposal by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Administration (ORSPA) upon receipt of a signed internal routing form
% Effort Effort is the proportion of time spent on any activity and is expressed as a percentage of the total activity.  Accurate and timely documentation of time and effort usage is a federally mandated requirement that is intended to ensure appropriate use of federal funds.
  • Effort should be a reasonable estimate
  • Total effort must equal 100 percent
  • Effort is NOT based on a standard 40 hour work week; it is based on the number of hours worked

Initially, time and effort is committed to a project when the grant application is submitted. Sponsors usually require that the grant budget and the budget justification specify the percent effort for each individual involved on the project. The percent of salary requested should match the percent of effort specified, except where the sponsor guidelines prohibit it. A sponsor imposed salary capitation is the most common sponsor limitation.

The percent effort proposed on a new grant application should take into account the amount of effort already committed to other activities performed in meeting your responsibilities. This includes other existing and pending support from sponsored projects and any clinical, teaching and administrative activities.

RDC Research Development Committee; an internal committee charged with overseeing the disbursement of funds for research.  See the RDC website

Don't see the term you're looking for here?  Notify the ORSPA IT Coordinator.


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