The Applied Social Research Laboratory located in Johnson City on South Roan Street is the newest initiative of the Center for Community Outreach and Applied Research.  In conjunction with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the ASRL has two primary functions: 1) to carry out telephone, web, or in-person surveys as well as focus group sessions for local or regional organizations and companies that desire high quality, accurate and representative research on citizens/consumers; and 2) to assist in the development of grant and contract programs that involve research or the evaluation of programs and services promulgated by government or non-profit organizations. 

     The ASRL is jointly directed by Dr. Leslie McCallister ( ) and Dr. Scott Beck ( ).  While the expertise and services offered by the ASRL are not free, contract fees for service are low, in part because one purpose of the operation is to provide training and research experience to both undergraduate and graduate students at ETSU.  If you desire further information about the ASRL, please contact either Dr. McCallister or Dr. Beck via email.