RDC Small Grants Program Application

If you need assistance with the application, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Administration at 9-6059.  Questions about eligibility and proposal criteria should be directed to the Chair of the Committee, Dr. David Hurley at .

Please note:  any application received using old forms will be returned to the applicant for resubmission.

The RDC Small Grant application is available via the link below. 

Instructions for how to submit your application are included on the last page of the application form

Please be sure to follow all instructions!  Failure to do so may cause your application to be rejected.


This Program is NOW CLOSED. 

The RDC appreciates your interest in the Small Grant program. Unfortunately, the RDC Small Grants program will only be able to fund a limited number of applications during fiscal year 2014 due to the 1.5% university-wide budget reduction. As of Sept. 3rd, the number of Small Grant applications has exceeded the amount of available funding.

 Therefore, the Small Grant program is no longer accepting applications at this time. However, applicants may still submit their completed applications for possible consideration and review should additional funds become available. While this seems highly unlikely, we will post a message to the entire faculty if more applications can be funded. In the coming year, the RDC Committee will be working to resolve this recurring issue and revise the Small Grant program. If you have ideas that might be useful in this regard, please contact David Hurley.

 For further information, contact David Hurley, RDC Chair, at .


As of 8/27/2014, we have received 0 Small Grant Applications for FY15.

  RDC Small Grant Application Form - please check back later



St. Edward's School in Stratford, UK

St. Edward's School
in Stratford, UK