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FOR FY2017 (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)

Due to a tremendous number of applications, all of the funds allotted have been expended and the Small Grants program is closed.

The RDC appreciates your interest in the Small Grants program.  

Contacts: Robert Sawyer, RDC Small Grants Co-Chair,
or the RDC mailbag at   .  


For Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)

1st: Electronic form submission by 4:30pm on Friday Oct. 14, 2016
        signed printed form submission by 4:30pm on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016

                                       Eligibility Note:
     Anyone who is a current (FY2017) RDC Major Grant recipient
        is not eligible to apply for a Small Grant as PI or Co-I.


Applications will be scored by up to 4 reviewers with either

1 – Exceptional; 2 – Good; 3 – Unsatisfactory.
Applications will be ranked by average score. .

Maximum amount: $1,500.00.  Applications exceeding this limit by any amount will not be considered.

Small Research Grants support research and scholarship for the following expenses:
  • to collect, analyze or present data, including travel to international conferences;
  • to meet with existing current collaborators to complete a project;
  • to obtain access to rare or unique resources not available in any other way;
  • to provide for student workers;
  • to purchase computer equipment devoted to specific apparatus; or
  • to process any other work pertinent to the success of an existing project.

Special emphasis #1: Publication cost requests from tenure-track faculty
A small number of small grants will be awarded that defray the publication costs of faculty who are on the tenure track. Costs of publications, such as page charges, publisher fees, or other printing expenses, should be fully described in the budget justification. If you are eligible for such an award, contact the for further review information.

Special emphasis #2: Summer travel across the end of the Fiscal Year
A very limited number of grants will be awarded that allow travel in the summer across the fiscal year boundary, such as from June 15 to July 15. These applications may be submitted for either deadline. Applicants requesting travel specifically across the fiscal year boundary, should answer the questions for this request on the Application form.

EXCLUSIONS: Small grants will NOT support:

  • travel simply to attend national conferences;
  • travel to explore potential collaborations;
  • clerical support for manuscript preparation;
  • support for advanced degrees;
  • preparation of theses or dissertations;
  • publication of theses or dissertations; or
  • stand-alone computer purchases.

Please contact the RDC for clarification of the validity of an expense prior to submitting the application.

For more information on Small Research Grant eligibility, guidelines, application procedures, review criteria and policies, please view the following  pages:



Final Report Submission

Past Recipients

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