The Red Bus Project returns to ETSU

Red Bus ReturnsThe Red Bus Project was back on campus last week, kicking off their spring tour of colleges and universities throughout the southeast and Midwest by spending two terrific days at ETSU. The Red Bus – a true classic British double-decker bus – functions as a rolling thrift store; allowing students, faculty, staff, and others to donate clothes and/or purchase items – all while raising awareness of the needs of orphans, and raising money for orphan care.

Roan Scholars took the lead on planning and coordinating all aspects of the visit, from logistical support and contracting, to volunteer support and marketing. Brad Fisher (Roan '16) served as the overall project lead among the Scholars, with Zach McCamey '15, Maddie Gilmer '16, and James Grindstaff '17 heading up various support efforts, and the rest of the Scholars serving as volunteers in a variety of ways.

Launched in spring 2012, this was the Red Bus Project's second trip to Johnson City, and the first time the team had spent two days at a single school. A big student turnout, a tremendous amount of donated clothes, and some great excitement that spread off-campus into the surrounding community, all added up to a fantastic visit that left Red Bus team members eager to come back again to ETSU next spring!

For those who weren't able to bring items while the Bus was on campus, the Scholars will continue to accept clothing donations for a few weeks; Red Bus Project bins are located at a number of spots around the ETSU campus. To learn more about the Red Bus Project, check out their website: You can see more of the ETSU visit at:; or: .