Walking and “wiffling” . . . Scholars support the cause

Always a busy month on campus, this April offered Roan Scholars new opportunities to serve, by participating in a couple unique events and support two important causes.

With ETSU hosting, for the first time, a "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event – part of the annual "International Men's March to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence"  - the Roan's male Scholars formed a team and literally put their best foot forward, donning high heels to walk a mile course around campus.  Walking alongside students, staff, and others from the ETSU community (as well as a number of female students and staff who showed their support) the Scholars helped make an impression on all those who saw the group – and helped make an impact by being a visible part of what's sure to become a recurring event at ETSU in the coming years.

Walk a Mile

Not long after the "Walk a Mile" event, Roan Scholars were back in action – this time supporting a community fundraiser to benefit local schools.  Johnson City's Metro Kiwanis Park played host to Northeast Tennessee's first-ever "Wiffle World Series," an all-day wiffle ball tournament involving teams from local businesses, school boards, city government – and the Roan Program.  While members of the Roan Steering Committee (representing various other organizations on this day) took the field for their games, the highlight of the day was the match-up between the two Roan teams ('14s and '17s versus the '15s and '16s).

In the end, the '14s and '17s, led by senior Lucas Hitechew (whose trick pitches consistently baffled hitters) and freshman Chandler Parris (whose slugging power earned her the title "Pride of Pisgah"), were able to defeat their fellow Scholars.  With all of those '15s and '16s returning in the fall, though, next year's tournament looks to be a whole new ballgame.

Wiffle Ball

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