RODP Permit Request


It is the responsibility of the student to check that the RODP courses being requested fulfill their program/course requirements. You should check with your program advisor before enrolling in any RODP courses.

The Fall 2014 deadline for requesting RODP permits is Friday, August 22 at 4:30 p.m.
No permit for any RODP course will be entered after this time.


Use this form to request a permit for a Regents Online Degree Program Course. RODP Courses qualify to meet general education when the RODP courses match ETSU course prefixes and numbers.   RODP courses are delivered completely online.   All course information and course work is done online, however, you may be required to come to campus (or a campus close to you) to take a proctored exam.


Fees for RODP courses are accessed differently than ETSU courses. Students enrolled in an RODP Course will pay the standard maintenance fee, out of state fees as applicable, plus an additional RODP fee. Use the tuition estimator to determine your approximate fees.


Students should use the RODP Bookstore to determine which book is used for their RODP course. The ETSU bookstore may not carry the book and will not know what book is required. The RODP Bookstore can be accessed at:


After the RODP Permit is entered you will still need to register for the requested course through Goldlink. Permit requests following the first day of class will not be permitted. Students should complete registration before the first day of classes.

Permits are no longer accepted for Fall 2014.

Most permits are entered within 24 hours . You will be notified by email when your permit has been entered.
Please click on the Submit button only once - it may take a moment or two to release.