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Staying Safe on Campus

East Tennessee State University

Severe Weather

If severe weather is likely (winter storm, high winds, thunder, lightning, hail, flash floods):

  • Postpone outdoor activities

  • Monitor the weather for local conditions

  • Seek appropriate shelter (if there is a thunderstorm, remain there until thirty minutes after the last rumble of thunder).

    • Sheds, tents, and covered porches don't protect from lightning.
    • Find a sturdy building or get into a hard topped metal vehicle with the windows closed.
  • Do NOT use a corded phone if you hear thunder. Cordless phones and cell phones are safe to use.

  • Keep away from electrical equipment, wiring, and water pipes.

    • Sensitive electronics should be unplugged.
    • Don't take a bath, shower, or use other plumbing during a thunderstorm.
    • Stay away from utility poles, tall trees, and towers during a thunderstorm.
  • Avoid high water, storm drains, ditches, ravines, or tunnels.

    • Don't drive through a flooded road. A few inches of water can be deadly.
    • If at work, monitor the campus notifications and follow the directions provided.
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