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Chemical Safety

Although many chemicals are found in research laboratories, some are housed in other buildings on campus. 
Employees who work with hazardous substances should know the following:

  • The hazards associated with the chemicals.
  • Acute and chronic health effects of overexposure.
  • Methods of protections (e.g. ventilation, gloves).
  • What to do in an emergency.
  • Proper disposal of the chemicals.

East Tennessee State University is committed to providing a safe laboratory environment for its faculty, staff, students
and visitors. The goal of the Environmental, Health and Safety program is to minimize the risk of injury or illness to laboratory
workers by ensuring that they have the training, information, support and equipment needed to work safely in the laboratory setting

If there is a chemical spill:

  • Immediately notify occupants and evacuate the area if necessary.
  • If the chemical is flammable, warn everyone to turn off any source of ignition.
  • Remove any contaminated clothing and stand under a safety shower, where available.
  • Call ETSU Public Safety, who will notify Environmental Health and Safety.
  • EH&S will ensure the material is cleaned up properly and safely.
  • If the spill exceeds your capabilities to clean it up, secure the area and wait for help.

ETSU Material Safety Data Sheets

EH&S Chemical and Lab Safety

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