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Revised: April 6, 2009

The Faculty Senate constitutional officers shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The president shall be elected for a single two (2) year term. The vice president, secretary, and treasurer are to be elected annually from the membership of the Senate by secret ballot at the last spring meeting of the sitting Senate.  President:
The president shall be the presiding officer of the Senate, shall chair the Executive Committee and shall be an ex officio member of all other Senate committees.  Vice President:
The vice president shall substitute in the absence of the president, assuming all duties of that office, and shall serve in other capacities as the president may direct. A vice president elected to serve during the second or announced final year of the President’s term shall serve with the expectation of ascending to the office of the President with the next election for a full two year term.  Secretary: The secretary shall perform the following functions:

    1.  Keep and maintain the minutes of any regular or special meetings of the Senate.

    2.  Keep the official attendance records of all meetings.

    3.  Prepare and maintain the official membership list of the Senate.

    4.  Maintain a permanent and public collection of all of the records of the Senate.  Chief Operating Officer:
The Chief Operating Officer shall:

    1.  substitute for the Secretary and/or the Treasurer when either cannot perform his/her duties,

    2.  organize, maintain, and supervise the Faculty Senate office,

    3.  organize and coordinate the annual Faculty Senate Retreat,
     4coordinate the relationship between the Faculty Senate and the ETSU Retirees' Association.  Treasurer:
The treasurer shall perform the following functions:
    1.  Compile and maintain all records of any financial transactions involving the Senate.

    2.  Make periodic reports and distribute these regularly to the members of the Senate.

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